South Africa’s National Environmental Management: Waste Act. 2008 (NEM:WA) contains provisions applicable to contaminated land. Government officials can identify and deem a parcel of land as an area of high-risk activities, i.e., activities that may result in contamination. Any proposed developments for that area are then subject to remedial steps, including ceasing, modifying or controlling the offending activity; investigating and assessing the impact on the environment; educating employees; inhibiting the movement of pollutants and or otherwise containing them; eliminating sources of pollution; and remedying the effects of pollution.

Minimal impacts

RGM understands the government provisions and emphasises a general duty of care for technicians and field operators undertaking accompanying work. We work with the latest technology and equipment to minimise impacts and rectify issues where possible. Our technical field teams have managed contaminated land and worked on sites contaminated by organic and inorganic pollutants. We have worked on initial site investigations to remediate and close out contaminated sites. Our services include

  • Environmental due diligence investigations
  • Land contamination assessments
  • Soil and groundwater contamination assessments
  • Underground storage tank decommissioning
  • Environmental rehabilitation
  • Plume delineation
  • Rehabilitation and remediation plan
  • Remedial design and implementation
  • Environmental emissions and compliance monitoring
  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Soil vapour and ambient air volatile organic compound sampling.
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