This is RGM

Local business prioritising wellbeing and health

RGM is a highly specialised environmental and technical services business operating in South Africa that does not compromise on safety, quality or integrity. Our team of well-motivated, ambitious and enthusiastic professionals provides outstanding services within the fields of science and technology. Our qualified and registered professionals offer field and desk-based services to mitigate and minimise environmental risks. We also give expert advice on legislative and regulatory frameworks for different clients and industry sectors. All our staff are trained according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act 85, 1993).

RGM’s activities adhere to its safety, health, environmental and quality management system, which is in accordance with ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. The company strives to achieve a safety-based operating culture for its employees to maintain clients’ health and safety reputations. We understand and embrace the liability concerns that clients have regarding the safety, health, environmental and quality performance of their contractors and subcontractors.

We work closely with clients and the community throughout a project’s life cycle to solve complex environmental issues. Our business focuses on resource efficiency, waste minimisation, renewable energy and managing environmental impacts. Our team complies with standard technical procedures when performing fieldwork and writing reports.

Group-wide connections

RGM is part of the RSK group, a leading, international, integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business providing dynamic, multidisciplinary services to a wide range of sectors. RSK was founded in 1989 and has grown considerably since then. Today, the group has an established presence on every continent. RSK plans to keep growing and is looking for professionals who have the passion, skills and spirit needed to grow with it.

Meet the team

Future talent

RGM runs an internship programme for graduates and works with them through all phases of a project’s life cycle, thereby exposing them to the working environment and equipping them with practical experience. Our experienced engineers and scientists mentor and develop our young professionals, thereby building the confidence and skills they need to prosper. We seek to attract, develop and retain the best people in our industry and offer opportunities generated from working globally on diverse and challenging projects. RGM encourages career development for all team members and aims for a balance between individual growth and the productivity of the business.

Collective leadership and environmentally focused teams

Our leadership team consists of inventive professionals with several years of leadership experience who provide strategic thinking and direction for our long-term growth and development. RGM is made up of a broad and dynamic group of environmentalists, hydrogeologists and engineers who work together to form an excellent team.

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RGM is part of the RSK group of companies

The RSK group is a leading integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business offering bespoke end-to-end solutions to a variety of sectors. Headquartered in the UK but with an established presence throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, RSK helps organisations around the world achieve their business aspirations in a sustainable and efficient manner.