RGM is established to undertake services in the fields of environmental, social, health impact assessment, geosciences and remediation. The services and markets RGM operate within are summarised in Figure 2 with a selection of case studies provided in Tables 1 to 4. The business is developing with growth planned concurrent with increased workload and investment in equipment and resources.

Figure 2: Summary of RGM services

Through its parent companies RGM is supported by specialists in risk-based remediation, ESHIA to IFC standards, air quality, climate change, sustainable agriculture and in-situ and ex-situ remediation.

RGM offers both consultancy and contracting capabilities. We find this enables us to better manage SHEQ and sustainability matters since we are all working under the same set of procedures and principals. Figure 3 summarises our delivery approach.

Figure 3: Summary of our approach